Machine Prognostics

A Norwegian company developing machine monitoring systems able to monitor critical and complex assets, e.g. ship engine propulsion gearbox, for the maritime and O&G industry.

Mp Full System 01
Foresight Maritime hardware

Our rapid and ambitious go-to-market strategy relies on a technological cross-innovation from the aerospace sector. Our novel sensor and algorithms originally developed for monitoring helicopters critical components, e.g. helicopter main rotor gearbox, are re-engineered & marinized to be used on maritime assets in our product called “Foresight Maritime”. This cross-innovation approach introduces disruptive yet, trustable aerospace-proven/certified algorithms to the maritime segment.

Our vision is to empower maintenance crews all over the world
by providing them reliable actionable information about the health status of their machinery.

Anyone can understand Foresight data. Our interface has been designed around the maintainer for ease of use and to provide clear, unambiguous information.

When components show wears, Foresight removes the guesswork by providing estimates of equipment remaining useful life before maintenance is indicated and can even automatically trigger work-order when connected to the maintenance planning system of the ship/platform.

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Machine Prognostics Gearbox
Monitoring system deployed on a planetary gearbox