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Maritime Forum Stavanger is a foundation which represents the entire maritime industry across the region. We have members who represent shipping and rig companies, shipyards, subcontractors, equipment suppliers and the public sector. 

We promote the interests of our members regarding issues which the maritime industry and our members believe are important. Our vision is to be seen and heard, to exert a strong influence and to provide a relevant meeting place for the maritime value chain in the region.

Our core areas are:

  • Networking 
  • Political lobbying 
  • Recruitment and reputation

By organising a variety of events and activities (meetings and dinners), we strive to create an excellent meeting place where stakeholders within the industry can meet and discuss issues. The aim is to enable stakeholders to exchange experiences, consider closer collaboration and bring up issues which they believe are important. All employees of our member companies are entitled to attend these meetings.
We act as a spokesperson for our member companies with respect to central, regional and local politicians. Thanks to our extensive contact network, we can also act as an enabler and a door-opener for our member companies.
In the Stavanger region, we have almost 90 members, including shipping and rig companies, businesses, ports, educational institutions and municipal authorities.
The membership fee is based on turnover. If your annual turnover is less than NOK 10 million, the membership fee will be NOK 5,000; between NOK 10 million and NOK 50 million, the membership fee will be NOK 10,000, while an annual turnover in excess of NOK 50 million will result in a membership fee of NOK 20,000.

As a member, your company will be presented on our website and in our monthly newsletter. 
All your employees will be able to receive newsletters as well as invitations from us, and to attend our events.
In addition to a company presentation, we can also share news and issues which you want to pass on to members of Maritime Forum. We can also help to publicise any events you may be organising.